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We combine the traditional manufacturing methods used for the past 200 years, thus the last 21st of March we were honored by the selection committee of the 26th International Europe Prize of Quality “New Millennium Award”, the Trade Leader Club, founded with the goal of distinguishing those companies that are constantly focused on the improvement of the quality in their products and services.

We are compromise with the planet, therefore once the Agave honeys is extracted, the obtained fiber (bagasse) has no purpose on the production process of tequila and with the promise of returning to the earth that which it has provided to us, such bagasse is fertilized with natural nutrients in order to create compost for the upcoming plantation, obtaining a perfect cycle of gratitude to the earth; this makes us socially responsible with the earth.

Tequila Altísima has the finest choice of tequila 100% agave in its varieties: White, rested, aged, and extra aged, in an elegantly, printed with precious metals bottle that in 2012 was award Jewel of Bottles “Envase Estelar” by the AMEE (Bottling and Packaging Mexican Association).



A product with excellent body, clarity, and brightness. Displays a golden with reddish hues color.


It is a product smooth for the nose, with an intense and complex wood-scent, with tones of species such as ginger, pepper, red fruits; a mild smell of sweet agave, vanilla, and coffee. Presenting itself as a highly elegant and sophisticated product to the nose.


Product of refined taste, the alcohol is perfectly integrated to the tones of species, an intense wood dash which reflects its long permanence in barrels, with a dry and sweet nature, balanced and harmonious to the taste, and a lightly sweet and anise tone.


Legend has it that tequila emerged when a beam of lightning suddenly came down on a field of agave, breaking one of the agave plants in half and revealing the core. The plant burned for a few moments due to the heat of lightning, and from the inside, sprouted a fragrant nectar which locals drank.

Nowadays, tequila is a liquor obtained from the fermented, and subsequently distilled, juice of the core of the variant Agave Tequilana weber better known as “BLUE AGAVE”. We can say that tequila is another one of the products resulting from Mexican miscegenation.

• There are different types of tequila that are basically differentiated by their ripening time prior to bottling and by their color, which results in different tastes of Tequila: White Tequila, Rested Tequila, Aged Tequila and Extra Aged tequila. In order to know that it is a purely natural, it is important for the bottle to indicated 100% agave. Just the way our Tequila is. TEQUILA ALTISIMA, THE FLAVOR AND AGED THAT YOU DESERVE.