Tequila´s History

The tequila is a drink that is obtained from the collected juice of the heart of the agave, variety tequilana weber better well-known like "Agave Azul" When protocols like the created one by the Highest Tequila are observed, where the well-taken care of care stands out and with which our tequilas make, it is possible to be said that this is traduced in an excellent drink, as it is Tequila Altisima

Several types of tequila exist which are different basically by the raw material, the color and the previous time of maturation to the turnpike, Factors that give like results Tequilas of very diverse colors and flavors.

Silver Tequila, Gold Tequila, Aged Tequila and Extra Aged Tequila.

Recommendation: It is important that the bottle says 100% agave, any other legend or omission thereof, may mean that the product could be made of mixtures with artificial sweeteners and or artificial colors.