Tequila´s Legend

Many years ago, in mythical times, men had food and corn to ensure their livelihood. But nothing was glad his heart, and made them dance or sing as they had nothing to provide them pleasure or joy ... And the gods felt sorry for them. They began to discuss what serpia better give them to the men, some thought of fabrics, to give them warm during the cold nights and joy during the day with its vivid colors; others thought of sweet food and some many more in a delicious nectar to quench their thirst. The more proposed, less they managed to agree. It was then that Quetzalcoatl reminded Mayahuel: a young goddess who lived withdrawal inhabited the rest of the gods. Despite being very beautiful and desirable, it was locked up and away from the sight of others, because his grandmother was a Tzitzimitl (a celestial demon of darkness) who jealously guarded the virginity of her young granddaughter.

In addition to his personal virtues, Mayahuel had a magical plant that would not only joy but shelter, food, drink and many more gifts to men. So the gods Quetzalcoatl instructed the mission to bring her. This, becoming wind, went to where the beautiful girl was locked and, with soft and sweet words, convinced her to accompany her to the world of men and share with them their magical plant.

The risk was very high, as fleeing not only face the wrath of his grandmother, but also of his 7 brothers, vindictive and powerful. But the sweetness and gallantry of Quetzalcoatl managed to penetrate the heart of the maid, who finally accepted his escape from prison. In their flight, both gods young and beautiful, fell in love unavoidably, vowing eternal love as had fulfilled the mission of giving men the magical plant.

But the joy was short-lived. Already on the ground when they saw down from heaven at 7 Mayahuel brothers (who were sent by the angry grandmother) and, desperate, they sought shelter. Mayahuel had an idea to hide and did she and Quetzalcoatl take the shape of its magical plant and in that way were hidden, hoping not to be found.

The terrible tzitzimitls came to earth and saw only plants and stones in their search. Long time were trying to find young lovers, but found no trace of the fugitives. They were to retire, when the younger brother noticed a different plant all others: A maguey.

When looked closely, they immediately recognized her sister and cruelly tore off part of the plant that was converted. When his fury ceased, the tzitzimitls left. Then Quetzalcoatl (which had been saved, for the part that had sheltered was not touched) regained its natural form. He took the remains of what had been Mayahuel and carefully and lovingly planted, watering it with his tears. Of those remains resurfaced magical plant, but never did again receive his divine form, being Mayahuel always converted into the sacred maguey. Grandma, discovering the birth of this strange plant, filled with rage and did unleash on the field a strong storm, dropping several rays on the ground, burning completely and firing his heart, which caused his inner forth a river of sweet honey.

Perceiving that the penetrating blunt elixir, the Indians came to encounter this phenomenon and decided to try it. Once they discovered its sweet taste, they considered it a divine gift from Mayahuel, so from that moment they worshiped and started to use in their ceremonial rites.

And since then, the maguey cry sweet tears for his lost love.